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Easiseal Incontinence Waste Disposal System

Incontinence product waste disposal is a significant and often distressing problem for incontinence sufferers, their family, carers and healthcare professionals alike.

Having a solution to making endless trips to outside bins to avoid any lingering odours and maintaining a hygenic household are key issues with incontinence waste disposal that our customers, and carers have been searching for.

Attends have partnered with Sangenic to provide the ultimate solution to this longstanding problem - the NEW Easiseal incontinence waste disposal unit.

Easiseal individually wraps and seals each pad in a fragranced, anti-bacterial film hygienically locking away germs and odour and proven to be 25 times more effective at odour prevention than using a plastic bag or other methods of incontinence waste disposal.

The pads are kept discreetly sealed away in the tub saving endless trips to the outside bin.

As a Special Promotional Launch, Attends are offering a FREE Easiseal disposal system plus one cassette when you buy 6 refill cassettes. This offer means that you get the Easiseal system and up to six months supply of re-fill anti-bacterial film saving 29.99!

This offer is available only for a limited period of time, so take advantage of this offer today and see what a difference Easi-Seal will make to incontinence waste disposal, leaving more time to enjoy life, free from discomfort and stress.

Easiseal Incontinence Waste Disposal System
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