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Incontinence Products for Children

Incontinence amongst children is very common in the UK, affecting over 750,000 children between the ages of 3-15, with bedwetting being the most common form of childrens incontinence.

Incontinence at the normal age of toilet training may cause great distress.  Attends offer a range of products for Children to ensure the highest levels of care, comfort, and discretion are maintained

Attends children's washable incontinence briefs are normal underwear with built-in absorbency for light to moderate urinary childrens incontinence - especially suitable for accidents or leaks during the day.

Attends Pull-on disposable childrens incontinence pants are again suitable for heavy loses of urine and faeces, however they are designed to look and feel like normal underwear making them more discreet. Because they can be pulled up and down by either the parent or child themselves they are also suitable for toilet training.

Attends Slips are suitable for more heavy losses of urine and faecal incontinence and can handle several occasions of incontinence, during the day and night.

We also offer a range of surface protection called Attends Cover-Dri which is suitable for childrens beds, cars, or chairs to provide added incontinence protection day or night.

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Incontinence Products for Children
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New innovative product concept for heavy/severe incontinence. Soft elastic wings which can be adapted to give a personal fit for improved leakage protection, comfort and discretion. Can be fitted with the wings opened or pre-fixated as a pant, to better meet the needs of the user Level 10: Very high absorption capacity Attends Dual Core with Quick Dry technology for improved leakage and odour protection and skin dryness Breathable material, for improved skin health For Waist sizes 100-140 cm
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Absorbent disposable stretchy pant that looks and feels like normal underwear. Easily put on and taken off. Anatomically shaped. Flexible fit and breathable back sheet. Waist 38-55 cm Leg Opening 35-46cm
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An absorbant stretchy incontinence pant that looks and feels like normal underwear. Can easily be put on and taken off. Can also be used for children. Waist 45-60cm Leg Opening 38-50cm
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Absorbent disposable stretchy pant that looks and feels like normal underwear. Easily put on and taken off. Flexible fit and breathable back sheet. 60-90cm
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Waist size (cm) 50-85 Breathable Textile Back Sheet
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*New and improved* now with breathable textile back sheet. The pad has an absorbent core to help reduce the risk of leakage, provide odour protection and skin dryness. 50-85 cm
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Breathable textile backsheet for healthy skin and improved comfort. Significantly easier to fit, more discreet, dryer and more comfortable. Fixation tape to secure the pad in place and allows the pad to be worn with the users own close fitting underwear. New compressed core for super thinness.
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High performance 3 tier active core Fixation tapes for secure fit Optimal all-round protection with superb comfort 40-70cm
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Added protection for beds, mattresses, chairs and wheelchairs. Unique hexagonal pattern. Super absorbent materials. Soft, skin-friendly top sheet. Size 40x60cm
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