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Skin Care

Attends Professional Care is a line-up of professional incontinence skin care products, especially developed for sensitive skin to provide extra protection, and care for incontinence treatment and can be used by both individuals and carers.

Through carefully selected ingredients, Attends Professional Incontinence Skin Care products keeps the skin soft and well protected, especially those people who suffer from incontinence. The products are dermatologically tested.

Attends Professional Skin Care offers a range of two systems Cleansing and Care.

The Cleansing products range includes Attends Washing Lotion which is for daily washing and showering, Attends Care Foam and Wet Wipes, which can be applied directly to the skin with no water needed, and can be used regularly to ensure maximum skin protection and freshness througout the day. The range also includes Attends Cleansing Gloves which are soft disposable gloves to be used in combination with our full professional incontinence skin care range.

The Skin care products range includes Attends Body Milk which is used to moisturise, soothe and calm sensitive skin, Attends Care Cream which can be used to alleviate red, dry or irritated skin, and skin chaffing and help soften the skin and Attends Hydrogel which helps promote blood circulation and has a refreshing effect on the users overall condition.

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Skin Care
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A long lasting, moisturising lotion. A moisturising body lotion, enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. For moisturising the whole body. Can be re-applied as often as required Comes in a 500 ml bottle with pump dispenser
From £4.28
A skin friendly gel for massaging. Acts as a natural stimulant for blood circulation, invigorating the skin. Special ingredients - menthol, mint-oil and campher. 200 ml tube and has a pleasant, uplifting aroma.
From £1.95
Mild cleansing lotion for soothing relief to skin. Enriched with chamomile extract. Handy 500 ml bottle with press-top opening. Alcohol free.
From £3.57
Skin friendly cleansing foam. Ideal for deep, intimate cleansing and care. Citrus Essence adds a energizing, fresh scent. Used without water - a “Dry Wash” . Leaves a protective film on the skin. Alcohol free.
From £2.81
A rich cream, ideal for skin regeneration or dry skin. Gives extra care in intimate areas. Contains Allantoin, D-Panthenol and wheat germoil to soothe and moisturise. Has a pleasant, gentle perfume. 200 ml tube. Alcohol free.
From £3.00
Made from very soft cellulose. Ideal complement to Foam and Washing Lotion. Special oval opening for easy pull on and off. Non-Metal coated.
From £2.50
Soft and strong disposable dry cleansing wipe. Gentle Skin Friendly Cellulose. Ideal used in combination with Attends Care Foam or Washing Lotion Dermatologically tested to offer a cleansing solution for all round skin care. 150 per pack
From £8.00
Soft and thick cleansing wipes. Ideal for intimate cleansing, as well as overall body care. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. Alcohol free. 80 wipes per pack. 20x18cm
From £1.65