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Attends Soft  pads are a long-awaited new product range set to provide a major breakthrough for incontinence sufferers and their carers.

The new soft micro incontinence pad range are significantly smaller than traditional incontinence products, easier to fit and apply, more discreet for the user, and most of all drier and more comfortable. Soft 6 and 7 offer the most innovation as the pads are 56% smaller than traditional incontinence products with a similar absorbency and can be worn with the users own underwear instead of stretch pants.

The pads are available from absorption degree 0 to 7 and are thin and fully white for extra discretion. The new pads are thinner but offer maximum dryness. Key features of the revolutionary new soft range include:

  • Soft 2-5 have soft leg elastics to form even more security
  • Soft 4-5 have a duel core with Quick Dry technology that locks urine away securely.  Rapid absorption and less rewet which means less skin irritation against traditional pads.
  • Breathable textile backsheet for healthy skin and improved comfort.
  • A new compressed core for super thinness.

The easy to use number system reflects the absorbency of the pad the higher the number the more absorbent the pad.

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