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Attends Lifestyles Products and Service

For me Attends are the best products to use - no question.  Without doubt they offer the best fit, absorbancy and security to any comparable product on the market.

I had switched to using another supplier as they offer case saver offer which give very good pricing discounts and are very tempting to buy.  However I have had two very bad experiences, one of which led to traumatic and embarassing holiday where they delivered the wrong size prior to going on hoilday,then failed to deliver the correct size before departing.  All I want to do is get on with my life as best I can and drawing attention to my problems in the public gaze does not sit well with me. 

Attends service has always been great.  Attends have always delivered the correct order on time and I have total confidence in them.  Other suppliers maybe cheaper however price is only one purchasing factor and if you don't have total confidence in a supplier to deliver the repurcusions can be great personal inconvenience.


The product offers me the best protection. After I had used it, I was also really persuaded of the excellent absorption capacity.


The Attends Discrete product is small, can be placed in underwear and has a high absorption level.

Arianne Amerlynck